Sonar Genesis: New and Improved

Sonar Genesis is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide for the management of freshwater aquatic plants in ponds, lakes, reservoirs...

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Sonar Genesis is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide for the management of freshwater aquatic plants in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, dry or de-watered areas of these sites. It comes from Sonar Aquatic Herbicide family which is a selective, root killing, systemic herbicide that does not cause oxygen depletion. It slowly kills lily-like plants. Some with roots the size of potatoes that are really big and long and that go deep into the pond.

Sonar Genesis is the newest Sonar formulation and is less expensive than Sonar by a couple hundred dollars. It is very effective because it is a slow kill herbicide. Plants drink it, and it slowly kills them from about 30-90 days. Sonar Genesis is best for lilies but is not the best for everything. It could potentially kill more than the aquatic weed you were wanting to eradicate. In predisposed plants, Sonar Genesis represses the production of carotene. In the absence of carotene, chlorophyll is quickly diminished by sunlight. Herbicidal signs of Sonar Genesis appear in seven to ten days and look like white (chlorotic) or pink growing points in many plant species.

Some may think being slow is a bad thing, but it’s not. It keeps you from having fish kills and oxygen depletion. You’ll want to use it in ponds that don’t overflow or get diluted quickly. It has to stay in the water column for 30 days, so plants have the opportunity to drink it. If it gets washed out or diluted, it becomes noneffective.

Sonar Genesis comes from a company called Sepro. Sepro is a “research-based life sciences company providing innovative products and services for specialty ag and human health markets worldwide.” ( Sepro has a laboratory where they experiment with their products. Sonar has been working for many years with follow-up trials (about every 2-3 years) to make sure they are EPA approved.

One of our now members, Cheryl, called us about a Spatterdock problem and asked how she could make her pond beautiful again. She feared the aquatic plants would consume her pond leaving it unhealthy and an embarrassment. We told her that is how most of the people that call us feel. Everyone thinks they are the only ones with ponds that grow aquatic weeds and algae. We assured her that she is far from the first and that she can have her pond looking amazing in no time by having us use Sonar Genesis to eradicate the Spatterdock.

All she needed to do was make the decision to become a member to ensure her pond would stay beautiful and healthy; but if she didn’t, aquatic plants would take over. She did decide to become a member so she could keep her pond healthy and beautiful.

Click here for the Sonar Genesis Label

Click here for the Sonar Genesis Material Safety Data Sheet


  • For best results, apply Sonar Genesis before initiation of weed growth or when weeds begin active growth.

  • Application to mature plants may need an application rate at the higher end of the rate range and may take longer to control

  • Faster acting, longer lasting

  • Better control, easier application

  • Lower cost per gallon

Taking care of your lake or pond is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. As your local pond management professionals, we’ve been there. Let us help guide you as a member to protect, plan, and preserve your pond or lake if you live in the Charlotte NC, Asheville NC, and Greenville SC areas.

Get started. Become a member today!

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