Ultrasonic Algae Control: Does It Work?

The ultrasonic vibrations pass through the water supposedly killing algae.

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Sam is a homeowner in the Charlotte, NC area. He has a medium size, uniquely shaped pond that he and his wife, Michelle, sit by to relax. One evening, Michelle saw something floating on the water. When Sam got up to look, he saw it was algae. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it so he researched how he could get rid of it himself.

He came across Ultrasonic algae control system and decided with his busy schedule this seemed to need the least amount of maintenance. UltraSonic algae control systems use sound waves at specific vibrational frequencies. The ultrasonic vibrations pass through the water in a pattern causing the vacuoles inside the algae cells to break, supposedly killing or damaging the algae.

After a few weeks of little to almost no results, Same called us to see if we knew about these systems and to figure out why his wasn’t working. We first told him that Ultrasonic algae control systems are known for not working completely. When they do, it can take up to 5 weeks to see any results. By that time, algae can spread. A secondary algae bloom could also happen. That means all the algae could die but then come back for a second time.

If a pond is on the bigger side, you might even need two systems to notice any change. They are also more high maintenance than you would expect. They need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks but if there is hard water, more often than that.

Because of the pond being uniquely shaped, this could also pose a problem. Just like you can hear the television from a different room if the door is open, but can’t hear as clearly if the door is shut, obstructions like small islands will block or redirect the wave which can lessen its effect.

Sam wants the best for his pond and asked how he could keep it beautiful and healthy. We told him monthly pond management is the only way we can guarentee a beautiful and healthy pond for generations to come. Sam and Michelle decided to become members so they could relax and not worry about algae or aquatic weeds.


  • Could take 5 weeks for the algae to die, then it turns brown and you have to manually remove it or it will sink to bottom causing muck eventually needing dredging.

  • Doesn’t control chara, pithophora, didymo, rhizoclonium, oscillitoria, nitella, duckweed, water meal, milfoil, cattails.

  • Must operate 24 hours a day.

  • Unit needs to be cleaned every 4-6 weeks.

  • A very high or low pH can affect bacteria treatments. In some instances, treating with the sonic device may also lower the pH.

Taking care of your lake or pond is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. As your local pond management professionals, we’ve been there. Let us help guide you as a member to protect, plan, and preserve your pond or lake if you live in the Charlotte NC, Asheville NC, and Greenville SC areas.

Get started. Become a member today!

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