Why are pond buffers essential for a healthy pond?

Ponds and lakes need buffers or vegetative shelves to help keep them healthy and beautiful.

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A buffer naturally removes nutrients from runoff as it filters the rain water run off making a must for every pond or lake.

Often we see erosion from runoff or wave action that can cause shorelines to collapse into the body of water. Ignore this problem very long, and you will quickly find your pond lake getting shallow and grow algae and aquatic weeds.

Native aquatic marginals such as iris, rush, pickerel, etc. make an ideal buffer for your pond to filter water and improve water quality.

However, nature’s friends that balance an ecosystem like dragonflies or frogs that eat mosquitoes don’t thrive with a well-manicured grass edge to your pond. It is best to build swaths of 15-20 ft in length with gaps for access.

Download Shorescaping Freshwater Shorelines by Clemson University

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Lousiana Iris, pickerel and rushes are the best choices that are not invasive and are low maintenance.

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