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Aquatic weeds can be found in ponds in lakes floating or submersed.

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Aquatic weeds can be found in ponds in lakes floating or submersed. The goal of any management plan is to control aquatic weeds to less than 20 percent of pond or lake. Complete eradication is usually not possible.

Invasive vegetation (or aquatic weeds) is typically a plant that is not native to the pond or lake. It reaches that community because invasive plants make a lot of seeds and can fragment.

Aquatic weeds are transmitted by birds, the wind, overflows & humans to new ponds nearby or far away. Because of this, HOAs with ponds can struggle to protect their pond or lake.

Managing and taking control of the growth of vegetation in your pond or lake is critical to preserving a clean, healthy ecosystem. The growing and dying of aquatic weeds can lead to a build up of muck if there is no PROactive pond management plan.

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