Retention Pond Algae Treatment

Hey, it's Richard here with Platinum Ponds & Lake Management at We are here at a retention pond, and we are looking at a delta that has been forming over time.

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Hey, it’s Richard here with Platinum Ponds & Lake Management at We are here at a retention pond, and we are looking at a delta that has been forming over time. As the erosion from the storm water drain starts to push debris as well as sediment into this pond.

In about two years we have already accumulated a large delta in this area that has formed. Of course, the pond is high in root nutrients is also having an algae bloom.

So we are here today treating the algae bloom on this retention pond. We are about a little shy of 2 acres. About 1.8 acres on this retention pond. It is stocked with some catfish, large mouth bass, bluegill, shell cracker readier sunfish, and a turtle trap. We finally have the turtles under control.

We are now fighting some of the Canadian geese that have been nesting in this area. Today we’re going to be doing a treatment on the algae bloom that has been taking place. The string algae are pretty much in about six inches of water. The light that can pierce combined with the nutrient load is quickly giving birth to this algae bloom.

One of the best ways to get this under control is a reactive approach. We are using some copper products filled with a surfactant. Once we get it under control, we are doing some proactive approaches for our members that have this commercial property. We have a wood duck box along the way in a beautiful area in which we can have picnics, a shelter and the home on top of the hill with blossoming crab apples.

Down below were basically at less than a foot all the way out to this wood box. We are going to be having to look at some sedimentation removal costs coming up soon, and that’s one of the things that we are going to be putting together in our plan. Down below where it is a little bit deeper, we have some diffusers, bottom diffusers aeration system that run all the way up the hillside. We have a video; we will give you the link here that you can see us installing it.

It is a fun little video that shows you with the weighted tubing going into the water, the boat, as well as the burial of the Polly pipe that the compressor sits up by the house. We take care of this on a monthly basis. We finally go the muskrats under control, and now we are just beautifying it so that everyone can enjoy it. It is a place to go fishing with the kids as well as a beautiful esthetic value to add to the property.

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