Pea Soup Pond: From Green to Clean

Have you ever looked out into a pond or lake and saw that is was green pea soup?

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Pea Soup

Have you ever looked out into a pond or lake and saw that is was green pea soup? That is what is called single cell algae (also known as planktonic algae). Single cell algae is a free floating algae. It is different that string (filamentous) algae because it is more difficult to remove thus needing a more powerful control method.

You see this happening in the spring and summer months. When the weather drops in the fall and winter, algae growth slows down. “Pea soup” water can also happen in your in-home aquarium if the water is not well-balanced.

Pond “creatures” (good algae, bacteria, and invertebrates) eat the not so good algae; so when there aren’t enough of those creatures or if there are way more single cell algae, there can be an excess of nutrients in the water causing the build up or algal bloom.

What causes algal bloom? Here are a few possible causes:

-Too much fish food

-Not enough water circulation

-Dead organic matter buildup

-Very few aquatic plants in the pond

-Too few critters

-Runoff that catches droppings, fertilizer, and other possible toxic materials

-“New” water being added to “old” water

-If the pond or lake has dried out

Copper Sulfate based products such as Cutrine, Captain XTR, & SeClear can be used to return the water back to its normal color.  However, a balanced pond is a healthy pond.

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