Do You Need To Trap A Muskrat?

Do you have muskrats tearing up your pond?

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Do you have muskrats tearing up your pond? Do you need a trapper but there’s not one in your area? We have a solution: handmade traps! I know you are probably thinking, “How in the world do I make a muskrat trap?” Don’t worry; we did all of the hard work for you.

First is the colony trap or the box/cage trap. This trap is made into a small cage using inch by inch metal fencing. The cage will have two small doors where the muskrat can get in, but they will not be able to get back out. It will need to be fully submerged.

Next is the Conibear trap. This trap has a jaw that you spread open and can be attached to any piece of wood or pole. You will attach the conibear trap to the wood and stick the wood into the water.

Last is the Foothold or leg-hold trap. You will want to lay this trap flat at water level. You will also want to put something near the trap to attract the muskrat.

There are some restrictions for muskrat traps. You can find more info. at North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Statewide Trap-type Restrictions

All traps must have a weather-resistant permanent tag attached legibly with the trapper’s name and address.

Unlawful to set or use a trap so that animals or birds will be suspended when caught.

Unlawful to set or use a hook of any sort or type to take wild animals or wild birds.

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