Did You Know This About Stormwater?

Stormwater ponds are confusing.

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Stormwater ponds are confusing. Not the pond itself, but everything that goes into it like maintenance, fees, cleanliness, etc. Some ponds are big; some are small; some have fees, some don’t, some ponds have one owner and some are in an HOA, you get my point.

So how do we know what is true about them and what isn’t? I have a list of myths and truths that should help clear up a few things.

  1. It’s easy to believe that stormwater only flows into local streams. In reality, stormwater can make it all the way to all bodies of water: oceans, rivers, lakes, bays, etc.

  2. It would be easy to believe that industries are the main cause of water pollution. However, construction, urban and agricultural runoff from sewage plants and factories are the biggest cause in polluted water in America.

  3. Most believe stormwater pollution will eventually work itself out and leave for good. Pollution could lessen if we, as Americans, start to do our part in preventing pollution. When we practice cleaning up after pets when you are outside, keeping your car tuned, recycling motor oil (any kind), checking for leaks, and composting yard clippings, we are getting closer to cleaner, healthier water.

  4. Stormwater drains lead to treatment plants. FALSE. Stormwater moves directly into your local waterways (creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans) from your neighborhood. Stormwater is not treated before it hits our waterways.

  5. It would be nice if the state would take care of all stormwater pollution as some people think, but the state only manages a portion of all of the land.

  6. Most people believe that stormwater is clean. Stormwater falls onto every outside area, including rooftops, cards, streets, etc. It runs over pet waste, fertilizer, motor oil, grass clippings, cigarette butts, and anything else on the ground.

  7. Another misconception is that roads are responsible for a lot of the states stormwater runoff. Roads typically only makeup about 3% of the total land use in urban areas and less than 1% of the whole state of North Carolina.

  8. The pollutants in stormwater are not actually harmful. That statement is definitely untrue. Stormwater is one of the biggest sources of damage to our water quality.

  9. Some believe that there are no real solutions to stormwater pollution. How could that be true when we, as humans, started pollution in the first place? It is definitely an issue that we can start to prevent.

  10. Stormwater is mostly an urban problem. That is a myth. Stormwater picks up pesticides and waste from pastures and fields.

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