Aquatic Weeds, Algae & Bio-Augmentation

Pond management can be a hassle. We often hear stories of how HOA’s & private farm pond owners are searching for a solution to their embarrassing, unhealthy ponds that are filled with algae or aquatic weeds.

Internet stores and products can be frustrating as you are expected to know what to do without killing your fish. We know how it feels to fail and that’s OK. We failed numerous times until we found The Total Solution to managing ponds and lakes.

A proactive, pond management plan insures that you doing what is best for nature and wildlife, while simultaneously keeping your pond beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Taking care of your lake or pond is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. As your local pond management professionals, we’ve been there. Let us help guide you as a member to protect, plan, and preserve your pond or lake if you live in the Charlotte NC, Asheville NC, and Greenville SC areas.

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