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Facts, Features and Benefits

Modular and easy to configure

Connect-A-Dock is fully modular and is extremely easy to configure and re-configure to meet changing needs. You can also add to the dock, at any time, as needed, just as easily.

Simple assembly

All assembly is performed from the dock surface. No special tools are required. Float sections can be attached in a few minutes.

Highly durable construction

Rugged wall thickness and U.V. inhibitors make Connect-A-Dock provide years of worry-free use.

Aesthetically pleasing

Molded in grey oak color with an attractive wood grain texture, Connect-A-Dock will blend well with your environment.

Very friendly to bare feet

The grey oak color was also chosen to absorb minimal infrared. Even on the sunniest days, the dock surface temperature will be comfortable to bare feet.

Non-skid, even when wet

Connect-A-Dock’s wood grain texture provides good footing both dry and wet.

Low maintenance

Connect-A-Dock will not rust, rot, splinter, peel, or corrode. It virtually eliminates costly annual dock maintenance.

Exceptionally stable

When properly anchored, Connect-A-Dock provides a safe and stable platform for access to the water.

Variety of anchoring options available

To provide you with the best service from your dock you can choose pilings, spuds, weights or sea anchors, and stiff arms to anchor.

Adjusts to fluctuating water levels

Because Connect-A-Dock is a floating dock, you will have a constant freeboard regardless of water level. This makes Connect-A-Dock a popular boarding platform.

Excellent boarding height

The 17” (43.18cm) freeboard of the Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series is the perfect height for convenient and comfortable boarding of many types of watercraft.

The 8” (20.32cm) freeboard of the Connect-A-Dock 1000 Series makes it very desirable for owners of small craft such as kayaks, canoes, rowing shells, paddleboats and other watercraft with low gunwales.


Each Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series 6’x10’ (183cm x 305cm) float section is rated for 4800 pounds (2177 kg) of buoyancy. Each Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series 4’x8’ (122cm x 244cm) float section is rated for 2500 pounds (1134 kg) of buoyancy. The 2000 Series live load is 75 pounds per square foot (366kgs/m2). If more buoyancy is needed for parts of the dock, extra flotation, in 300 pound (136 kg) increments is available.

Connect-A-Dock 1000 Series 90”x120” (228.6cm x 304.8cm x 25.4cm) float section is rated for 2800 lbs (1270 kg) of buoyancy. 45”x60” (114.3cm x 152.4cm) float section is rated for 690 pounds (313 kg) of buoyancy.

The live load is 35 pounds per square foot (171kg/m2). If more buoyancy is needed, extra flotation in increments of 60 pounds (27kg) is available.

No polystyrene to harm the environment

Connect-A-Dock’s buoyancy is all from air. Connect-A-Dock cannot release any polystyrene, which kills fish and other marine wildlife, into the water.

Very shallow draft

Connect-A-Dock is designed to have minimal impact on its environment. Unlike many floating docks which draw 18 to 24 inches (45cm – 61cm), Connect-A-Dock 2000 Series draws a mere 3 inches (7.62 cm) at rest. The 1000 Series draws 2 inches (5.08cm).

Comes out of the water as easily as it went in

While we have received many reports of Connect-A-Dock docks standing up to heavy tropical weather, many Connect-A-Dock users take advantage of this feature to remove their docks from the water in anticipation of violent weather and water conditions. This further ensures protection from damage. In the most extreme conditions, large Connect-A-Dock docks have ridden high storm surge and intense conditions with minimal damage. In cases where damage was sustained, it involved only a few float sections and did not disable the dock. Damaged sections were removed leaving the dock fully functional, even while awaiting replacement sections.

In use in highly controlled waters

Connect-A-Dock is installed in such areas as The Florida Keys in waters that are heavily controlled. As Connect-A-Dock has almost no environmental impact or potential for environmental impact, it has been chosen by such entities as the U. S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. It has been installed in U.S. Army Corp of Engineers controlled waters. Connect-A-Dock is in use world wide, from pristine glacial lakes in the Canadian west to the inter-coastal waterways of Florida. In the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, the South Pacific and elsewhere, Connect- A-Dock is the transition between the land and fresh, brackish and salt water.


Connect-A-Dock’s design, functionality and stability have made it the official dock of both U.S. Rowing and the Master’s Rowing Association. Connect-A-Dock provides a sound and stable launch and recovery platform that meets and exceeds the demanding requirements of competitive rowing.

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